Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Knocking around in someone else's house...

Staying in someone else’s house is fascinating. (Especially when they are not home!)

The girls are here to help me find things, although I’m sure I’d figure it out because Sis is pretty darn organized. Her pots and pans are all stacked in neat piles (unlike the jumble of dishes that I have in my cupboard. In my defense, a) none of my dishes are from the same set, which happens after 20+ years of marriage, and b) I have teenagers who help in the kitchen and have no regard for neat piles!). Her drawers are not a mod podge of items, there are definite categories. In her linen closet, the towels are all the same size and folded identically, then stacked. Toiletries and odds and ends are sorted and stored in sweet little lined baskets.

She has air fresheners everywhere, which makes me remember that I have a stinky dog at home, and perhaps I should invest in more of these. Speaking of the dog, it’s quite nice to have a vacation from the constant vacuuming that we do at home. Here, once or twice a week is gonna do it. At home, it’s once or twice a day!

Cooking is interesting, as they have different ingredients on hand than we do. For instance, I was looking for sour cream, a staple at our house. In fact, so much a staple that we have sent Tux to the store as often as twice a week because we have run out. But they didn’t have any, and looked surprised that one might need such a thing. They don’t have powdered sugar. They do have Fish Sauce, jasmine rice, and other ingredients that at my house would be considered exotic!

I think that I’ve finally won over the cat, who first viewed me with much disdain and only a touch of amusement. Sis says that she is a funny cat, not very sociable. For that reason, Sis doesn’t often feed her wet food, which she loves. She feels that the cat should be lovey and THEN get wet food.

The first couple of nights that I was in charge, I made sure that Muffin saw ME with the can of wet food, placing it on the mat for her enjoyment. I would go find her in her hiding places and show her the can, then coax her out to the kitchen to eat. I wanted to her to know which side of the bread her butter was on! She now seeks me out in the evenings, snuggling a bit to see if perhaps, wet food is in store for her.

Aunt Jaycie never promised that she wouldn’t spoil the kids – or the cat – while they were away!

The dishwasher, however, is another story. The thing is possessed, I’m sure of it. It turns itself on without regard to the fact that it’s EMPTY, or has only one or two dishes. It doesn’t even seem to care if it has soap or not! I’ll come into the kitchen and discover that it has 32 minutes left (of a 2 hour and 14 minute cycle!). It’s electronic and has extremely sensitive buttons. Apparently, a passing child or merely a breeze can set it off. We had a real serious discussion yesterday, however, and I’ve kept it from washing air for nearly 24 hours. I am victorious!

It is also fun to learn to navigate in a strange city, which is even strange to the family. They moved here three weeks ago, only to leave again. They took me on a tour before they left, of the major places that I would need to go…McDonald’s, church, and Wal-Mart. What more do you need??? I am pleased to announce, though, that not only can I go to those places, I can take the back roads and not the main roads. I can find alternate routes home. I found the post office! (okay, mapquest gave me a little help) But even Sis has not been there. I am a great explorer.

I guess, when you look at it, it’s given me plenty of chances to feel like I’m successful. Maybe I should stay here a little longer!

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