Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I can't Tweet (Or How it All Started)

There. I’ve said it: I can’t Tweet.

And while I am in the small majority of Americans who do not tweet and twitter, I feel perfectly justified in my assessment.

I read about Twitter in an online business article, as I was contemplating staring my own small business from home. It recommended using Twitter as a business tool. Unsure of what Twitter even was, I had to check it out.

So, I can “tweet” to all of my followers, using 140 characters to tell them what I am currently doing or thinking? How in the world is this going to grow my business? For that matter, why in the world would anyone follow someone on Twitter? (Except, of course, the vast multitude of teens who seem to need to know at every moment what their friends are doing)

I could only picture the scenarios that I often see on my Facebook feed… ”Fixing Tacos for dinner…” Which, in a Facebook setting, seems benign enough, but do I really want to have that delivered to my phone constantly?

I’ve been fascinated by the celebrities who Twitter, and I suppose that might be fascinating – for awhile. I just can’t imagine that anyone that I know would want to know what I’m thinking or doing. Much less anyone who doesn’t know me. So my first reason is that I simply do not find myself interesting, so I can’t imagine that anyone else is.

My second reason, however, is the more important one. I can’t Tweet because I simply cannot limit myself to 140 characters!

A friend once commented on my ability to talk constantly. It was a male friend, so you have to take that into account. No male can completely understand the jabbering potential of any female. My mouth, however, can rival the best of them. My husband says that I could talk for an hour to a fencepost.

I say; you think that it’s bad being on the outside of my brain – you should be on the inside. My brain never, ever shuts up. I have to talk to keep the pressure from building! Even when I sleep, my brain is in motion, dreaming from the moment my eyes close until that alarm wakes me with a start. Even then, I spend the rest of the day trying to extricate myself from whatever world that I was inhabiting when it went off. (incidentally, it must be somewhat genetic, as my two year old told his grandmother today that his brain was talking to him and it was making him crabby!)

I have plenty to say. It seems that everything that I try to do turns into an adventure, and I love a good story. I ponder things deeply. But I’m also a bit of a twit, even though I can’t Twitter. I’m an equal opportunity thinker, and can usually carry on a conversation with just about anyone.

Blogging seemed the next best thing to driving my friends and family crazy with my incessant thought process. Here, I can write about just about anything, and either you read it, or you don’t . Maybe you’ll find a nugget or two that interests you. Maybe we’ll even find something in common.

Worst case scenario: my head doesn’t explode, and my thoughts just sit in some obscure corner of cyberspace. Best case scenario: someone finds something of interest in all that I have to say.

Just never in 140 characters or less.

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  1. We've talked about this, haven't we? Our ability to talk and talk and talk...dangerous when we're together! How our minds are already thinking of the next link in the conversation while we're talking about the current one.

    OF COURSE you'll be found of interest. I am glad to be at the head of that line!!